Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tornado's and Wolves and Bears "Oh My!"

Since living so close to Yellowstone National Park (100 miles east) we try to take our first annual trip around Memorial Day.  Going to the park is one of Tyler's favorite things to do.  As we left Burlington, Sheila spotted a Tornado between Burlington and Meteetse and then we went on to have an enjoyable day of viewing the country and wild life.  There are two other entries listed below that include Yellowstone.  The first is of photos and the second is of video.  We hope you enjoy our show.   

2013 Yellowstone Continued

Videos of Memorial Day Yellowstone Trip May 2013

The video clips listed above were all taken on our first Yellowstone trip of the season of 2013. 

1st Clip:     Tyler skipping rocks on Yellowstone Lake on Gull Point Drive.
2nd Clip:    Black Bear encounter just off the road as we left  the north  North East Entrance of the park near Cook City on the Bear Tooth Highway.
3rd Clip:    Just after leaving Burlington at about 11:00 am, Sheila spotted what turned out to be a tornado between the town of Meteetse and Burlington.  Burlington's Fire Department went through the town neighborhoods to request voluntary evacuations.  What you can see of the tornado is on the right hand of the screen. No damage was reported.