Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moose Moose Everywhere

Last week we were working in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming spraying weeds in the Paint Rock lakes area.  On this particular day, we saw a total of five bull moose including these four.  Its amazing.  We see moose on almost a daily basis and so far, they have all been in different locations.  The video clip posted below is of the two moose in the bottom picture.  It was raining at the time I made the video. 

Moose at Paint Rock Guard Station Paint Rock Wyoming

Friday, July 13, 2012

Working in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming

I work for Big Horn County Weed and Pest spraying noxious weeds.  Canadian Thistle is one of our main targets (surrounding the vehicle in the second picture).  Above are some of the photos I have taken while working in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.  The moose were at 9,500 feet above sea level.

A Fourth of JulyWalk (Drive) through Yellowstone Park

On the Fourth of July, Sheila, Julia, Tyler and I spent the whole day in eastern half of Yellowstone Park.  We entered the park through the eastern entrance traveling up through the Lamar Valley and out the north eastern entrance. In the following random pictures, you can see some of the wildlife along the way.  The single bear at the top is a black bear, and the three bears in the bottom picture are GRIZZLIES (a sow and two cubs).  We also saw a three moose (two bulls and a cow). 

Fourth of July in Yellowstone 2012 Continued