Friday, December 25, 2009

Bad Boy in the Snow

Tyler and I went up to the base of Casper Mountain to feed the deer this afternoon. (The deer need Christmas too). This guy would not follow the other deer to the van.

Me Feeding a Little Two Point Near the Base of Casper Mountain

I will have to admit, feeding the deer is on the fun side. This little two point hopped a split rail fence to eat. It is cool.

Tyler Feeding a Doe

Tyler is feeding a deer out of the window of the van at the base of Casper Mountain. It is cool to see the deer up this close.

Christmans Morning 2009

Tyler and Julia are illustrating some of their wares received this fine Christmas Day. Tyler is sporting the Kids Spy Gear and New Cowboy Boots and Julia is demonstrating her new clothes and New Cowboy boots. Thanks Everyone. The kids love everything.

Mortenson Elf Disco Dancing Click on the arrow in the lower left corner and enjoy!!!

Mortenson Country Elf Dancing Casper Style. Click on the arrow in the lower left corner. We hope you enjoy the show!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas In The Park

Here in Caper the city decided to light sixty five trees in a park. It's across the street from the hospital. Some say this park was chosen to provide a good view of the lights for patients in the hospital.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freezing on the North Platte River 1

Tyler and Julia are standing on a bridge crossing the North Platte River about half a mile from the house. Current temperature at the time of the photo was 5 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill of (-14 F). Over the past few days the windchill has been to (-30 F).

Freezing On The North Platte River 2

It's amazing what a few days of sub-zero weather can do to the river. When I took this picture, the temperature was 5 degrees and the windchill was at -14 Fahrenheit.

Freezing On The North Platte River 3

It doesn't take long for the river to freeze over once the cold has set in. This bridge is within a half of mile from the house.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Torrington Wyoming

Torrington is a town of around six thousand people. As you can see by the corn field and hay, its primary industry is agriculture. Torrington is withing a few miles of Scotts Bluff Nebraska. The pheasant hunting is suppose to be great and looks very similar to Nyssa Oregon. (Click on Photo for larger image).

Part Of The Laramie Range

Looking west toward part of the Laramie mountains from highway 25 near Glendo Reservoir. This area is about 120 miles southeast of Casper. I saw a number of nice Whitetail Deer in this area.(Click on the photo to enlarge the picture).