Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elk Of Big Horn County Wyoming NEXT THREE PHOTOS

The next three photos are of an Elk Herd just twenty miles south west of Burlington Wyoming on the way to Meteetse. This herd is around 300 animals. As I was taking these pictures, I could count at least 13 good sized bulls and you could hear them bugling. If you enlarge the photos by clicking on them, you will see a number of white tail deer in the fore ground. We counted over 200 head of deer this evening.

Elk Of Big Horn County Wyoming

Deer Of Burlington

These are the same deer. I zoomed in the best I could to give you an idea of the typical groups of deer we have been seeing this fall. How many BUCKS can you count? (Click to enlarge the photos) These are pretty typical groups for the area.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Burlington Wyoming

These two photos were taken from the bench just to the north of Burlington looking south into the community. (Click on the photos to enlarge the pictures)

From the Football Field at Burlington K-12 School

I took this photo from the football field at the school looking northeast. Those are the Big Horn Mountains in the background.

Pinto Beans and Barley

This picture was taken just outside Burlington on the way to Meteetse Wyoming. The green field represents pinto beans and are raised for seed, the barley (yellow) is grown for making beer.