Sunday, January 31, 2010

THE HERD (click to enlarge the picture)

Tyler and I ran across this group of antelope while coyote hunting about 40 miles from the house.

Old Cabin Near Red Creek Wyoming

Imagine the stories this old cabin could tell if it could only talk.

Can Germs Take It? (click to enlarge photo)

Fourth grade requires each student to conduct a scientific experiment and write it up. Julia selected an experiment that tested how well different disinfectants work on germ colonies. She used petri dishes to grow the cultures. We were all greatly surprised when Julia came home with the GRAND PRIZE for her classroom. We are so proud of her :-}

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kids At Play

Julia and Tyler decided to take advantage of the near fifty degree weather and no wind to play on the back patio. As you can see, they inscribed their names on the cement in charcoal.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Self Portrait By Tyler Mortenson

Tyler drew this self portrait in art class a few weeks ago.

Where The Wild Things Are

A book illustrator visited Tyler's school and afterword, Tyler drew his own rendition from the book, "Where The Wild Things Are."

Western Art By Julia (click on photo to enlarge)

Julia's teacher (Mrs. Chivers) inspired her to draw these western items. Mrs. Chivers is a native Wyomingite and loves the western life style.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kids Near A Frozen River

On the way home from the Tate Museum last Saturday, we stopped by the local dog park (yes I said dog park) to meet some of the local dogs and enjoy a few minutes playing in the snow near the river ice(the river is the flat surface in the background). Moore Park is designed for dog owners to walk their pooches outside without the aid of a leash. Its great!

Front Row L-R: Rachael and Gracie Skommesa
Back Row L-R: Tyler and Julia Mortenson

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Afternoon At The Museum

Have you ever seen the movie, "Night At The Museum" and Rexy the T-Rex that would fetch the bone? Well, here in Casper we have our own version of the same creature in the Casper College Museum of Natural History. As you can see, this T-Rex is not as complete and would not chase anything we threw (much to the dismay of the curators). Never the less, it is a lot of fun to pose by. Tyler, Julia and their friends Rachael and Gracie were not afraid to stand in front of this mouth full of "Huge Nasty Pointy Teeth." :-}

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold, Colder, Coldest

This year has brought a number of cold days and nights. However, January 6th has been the coldest so far in Casper. Last night dropped to a bone chilling -27 Degrees F. with a windchill of -36 Degrees F.

By clicking on this photo, you can read all of the information, time and date of this weather website. Pretty Crazy Ay!!!

Dee, Tyler and Julia

Dee in the background was discovered about an hours drive north of Casper several years ago. A caterpillar driver preparing an oil rig platform uncovered the remains. Dee is the largest Wooly Mamath yet discovered in North America and will reside full time in the Tate Museum of Casper College as soon as her restoration is complete in April of 2010.

The Herd of Casper College

Antelope make themselves at home eating grass on the campus of Casper College. Whenever they feel like it, they move from the campus to the golf course about 200 yards to the east (to the right of this photo).

Nice Buck

This little buck found himself with a view of the valley from the grounds of Casper College. The herd (in the prior picture) stood just a few yards away.