Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rocket Boy

Recently Tyler has discovered rockets.  That is almost all he talks about these days.  He and I have spent many hours watching model rockets on YouTube and looking at how much a model rocket that flies would cost. 

The picture posted above is Tyler on the computer designing his own (Apollo) style rocket in Microsoft Word.  Note the cone shaped capsule  at the top, combined with multiple stages and then the thruster nozzle at the bottom.  You might have to zoom the picture in for a better look. 

At the bottom is a video clip of Tyler and a balloon/string rocket he made.  Although the quality is not the best, watch as is streaks across the living room and into the wall, a total distance of about 20 feet and  traveling uphill. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day In Burlington

One of the many great things about Wyoming is having the great outdoors so close by.  This afternoon I jumped in the car, drove about 40 miles west up to Upper Sunshine Reservoir, enjoyed the scenery, and caught some nice fish (two cutthroats up to 19 inches).  They took a red and white spoon. On the way home, the deer were out.  I'm guessing 300+ Mulies and Whitetails.  The deer in the picture and video are typical for around here.