Friday, December 25, 2009

Bad Boy in the Snow

Tyler and I went up to the base of Casper Mountain to feed the deer this afternoon. (The deer need Christmas too). This guy would not follow the other deer to the van.

Me Feeding a Little Two Point Near the Base of Casper Mountain

I will have to admit, feeding the deer is on the fun side. This little two point hopped a split rail fence to eat. It is cool.

Tyler Feeding a Doe

Tyler is feeding a deer out of the window of the van at the base of Casper Mountain. It is cool to see the deer up this close.

Christmans Morning 2009

Tyler and Julia are illustrating some of their wares received this fine Christmas Day. Tyler is sporting the Kids Spy Gear and New Cowboy Boots and Julia is demonstrating her new clothes and New Cowboy boots. Thanks Everyone. The kids love everything.

Mortenson Elf Disco Dancing Click on the arrow in the lower left corner and enjoy!!!

Mortenson Country Elf Dancing Casper Style. Click on the arrow in the lower left corner. We hope you enjoy the show!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas In The Park

Here in Caper the city decided to light sixty five trees in a park. It's across the street from the hospital. Some say this park was chosen to provide a good view of the lights for patients in the hospital.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Freezing on the North Platte River 1

Tyler and Julia are standing on a bridge crossing the North Platte River about half a mile from the house. Current temperature at the time of the photo was 5 degrees Fahrenheit with a windchill of (-14 F). Over the past few days the windchill has been to (-30 F).

Freezing On The North Platte River 2

It's amazing what a few days of sub-zero weather can do to the river. When I took this picture, the temperature was 5 degrees and the windchill was at -14 Fahrenheit.

Freezing On The North Platte River 3

It doesn't take long for the river to freeze over once the cold has set in. This bridge is within a half of mile from the house.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Torrington Wyoming

Torrington is a town of around six thousand people. As you can see by the corn field and hay, its primary industry is agriculture. Torrington is withing a few miles of Scotts Bluff Nebraska. The pheasant hunting is suppose to be great and looks very similar to Nyssa Oregon. (Click on Photo for larger image).

Part Of The Laramie Range

Looking west toward part of the Laramie mountains from highway 25 near Glendo Reservoir. This area is about 120 miles southeast of Casper. I saw a number of nice Whitetail Deer in this area.(Click on the photo to enlarge the picture).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Giant Train in Douglas Wyoming

During the Thanksgiving holiday we took a little trip to see the home of the Jackelope in Douglas, Wyoming. While there we discovered a Train Museum. Can you believe the size of this steam train Tyler is standing by? Crazy Ay?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

History of Register Cliff

This cliff is on the North Platte River near Guernsey Wyoming. If you click on the photo, it will explain the history. Thousands of names have been carved here by pioneers.

Pioneer Name From The Past

Register Cliff on the North Platte River near Guernsey Wyoming.

History Wagon Ruts

These ruts are just outside of Guernsey Wyoming near the North Platte River (the same river that runs by our house 140 miles to the northwest of here).

Pioneer Heritage

Ruts cut in stone by wagons heading west. Our ancestors traveled through this area ( Mortenson side of the family Diedrick Mortenson and on Sheilas side Milo Andrus).

Wagon Ruts Cut Through Rock

More Wagon Ruts on the Oregon/Pioneer Trail near Guernsey, Wyoming.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Most Current Work of Art

Julia brought this piece of artwork home today. She said it took two days to complete. (Age 9 and in the fourth grade).

Julia's Summer Theme and Self Portrait

Julia has been enjoying her art class at Paradise Valley Elementary here in Casper. She produced these works of art over the past few weeks.

Vase of Flowers

Tyler (age 6 First Grade) drew this picture in his art class at Paradise Valley Elementary. Pretty Cool Huh!

Tank War Cannon - Local Casper History

There is a real story behind this old cannon that Julia is sitting on. In 1921 a lightning storm ignited several oil storage tanks just north of town. As they burned, little if any equipment was available to fight the infernos.

A few of the the men working in the field determined if holes were bored into the lower part of the storage tanks, the oil could be drained out and pumped away leaving no fuel for the fire.

These men, Ex- World War I Artillery veterans built this cannon in a shop and shot the tanks at the base. Six homemade cannonballs found their mark, two buried themselves under the tanks, and one ricocheted into the distance. The idea was successful and the fires were extinguished.

Chicken Roper

I took this picture of Tyler last May. This bronze statue is out in front of one of the local banks. Kind of fun Ay? Casper is full of bronze statuary.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tyler Dane's Seventh Birthday Part 1

Tyler had a great time at his party even though he was under the weather.

B-Day 7 for Tyler Dane Part 2

Having fun with the Remote Control Four-Wheeler in the living room.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monolithic Monsters

We are being invaded by giant windmills. Within three months this wind farm exploded on the eastern horizon of Casper. It's amazing to see them from an up close and personal perspective.

Wind Power

These giants are amazing. No, not Julia and Tyler, the windmills in the background (Although Julia and Tyler are amazing too). Each propeller is 130 feet long. Special semi trucks carry them through town and are a sight to behold. An average semi is around 60 feet long, imagine a truck over 130 feet in length. Now that's incredible!!!

Picture Window

Sorry about the over exposure around the kitchen window and the waterspots on the glass, however, I believe the sunset justifies my actions. What a view. Another great sunset brought to you by Wyoming Western Skies. Isn't it Great!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Locals

Here are some of our local neighbors. They live just up the street (about a quarter of a mile east of the house near the river).

Oregon Trail Sign

This Oregon Trail sign is about three miles northwest of our house. It is about one hundred yards from the grave site you will see in the next couple of slides. In theory, we could jump on the trail right here and travel all the way to Klamath Falls or Ashland Oregon. Kind of crazy Huh!

The Story of Red Buttes Battle

By enlarging the photo you can read the story of Sargent Custard. The graves of the soldiers are just behind the sign.

Red Buttes Grave Site

Julia and Tyler are standing next to the grave markers of about 20 soldiers killed in the "Battle of the Red Buttes". The original grave sites of these soldiers are yet to be located.

The Battle of Red Butte

Julia and Tyler are standing next to a monument that commemorates "The Battle of Red Butte" If you enlarge the picture, you can read the monument.

Dead Prairie Cow

Julia and Tyler pause while they ponder what happened to this poor cow who had died on the Wyoming prairie near the Oregon Trail. (Photo taken about 3 miles from where we live).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Great Wyoming Sunset

I took this on the way home from feeding the deer. Wyoming sure has some great sunsets.

Clearing the Hurdle

This little buck decided to jump the fence with almost no effort. If you look closely to his left, standing on the edge of the brush you can see another bigger buck (the big guy was chasing the small guy). These deer hang out in an area about 6 mile from the house.

You Say DEER?

Julia and Tyler are feeding the deer out of the car.


The Rut is here! These big boy's are not afraid of anything or anybody. Photo taken in a yard close to Casper Mountain.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Snow So Far This Year

Julia and Tyler gearing up to go sledding behind the house. This is the best snow we have received so far (the fourth storm of the season). Our house is the brown two story between the yellow and blue houses.

First Good Snow of the 2009 Season

Tyler having a blast coasting down the hill behind the house.

First Good Snow of the 2009 Season

Julia and friends playing in the snow behind the house. This is the 4th snow of the season.

First Good Snow of the 2009 Season

Tyler is kicking up the snow as he heads down the hill. Reminds me of Glen when he was younger on a backpacking trip to Loon Lake, except Glen used his chest when he was going face first down the snow drifts.

First Good Snow of the 2009 Season

Julia and a friend are sledding down a small hill in the field behind the house.

Best Snow So Far This Year

Tyler concentrating on a down hill slope behind the house.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Local Casper Resident

This guy was up at the base of Casper Mountain after our second snow of the season. Not a bad little buck!

Casper Locals Eating Out

These birds currently reside at the base of Casper Mountain. They will move down into the valley as the weather worsens.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Snow of 09

Greeting everyone! Can you believe it? On September 21st, we got our first snow of the season with the second smattering occurring on October 2nd. Julia and Tyler wanted to stay home from school to play in the snow. It didn't happen. It is hard to believe that winter is on the way. The following pictures were taken after the first snow, enjoy :-)

First Snow of 09

Looking south east toward Casper Mountain, you can see downtown Casper. This photo was taken from the BLM Trail Interpretive Center.

First Snow of 09

With the first snow comes the changing of the colors. This aspen tree is in the middle of the cities cross country ski park. The course can be lit if needed for night time skiing.

First Snow of 09

Bear Trap Meadow is on the top of Casper Mountain. Among the many uses of the meadow is camping, snowmobiling and summer concerts. The city holds an annual Bluegrass festival here. Typically, 2,500 people show up for that weekend event.

First Snow of 09

This photo was taken from the back side of Casper mountain after the first snow of the season. You are looking in a south easterly direction toward Cheyenne.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Martins Cove

Tally Ho! The warm up before we took the hike out to the Cove. No, we did not take the handcarts with us this time.

Martins Cove

The kids had a blast pulling handcarts around a track at the visitor center at Martins Cove.

Martins Cove

Tyler and Jake were more than ready to take on this adventure as they posed by the trail marker.