Monday, July 12, 2010

Oscar The Trail Dog Leader

Toward the end of our afternoon at Martin's Cove, Oscar decided to pay us a visit.

A story about Oscar has been published in the Friend Magazine by Paige Turner, "Oscar:Trail Leader," Friend, July 2009, 22

Oscar belongs to the owners of the Sun Ranch located about ten miles from Martin's Cove. As the handcart companies come by, he joins, leads and sometimes protects the children on the way back to the visitors center. The story posted above tells how Oscar followed some boys back to their camp and started barking when he found a rattle snake in their tent.

Pullin Carts At Martin's Cove

The Mortenson and Skommesa Family Home Evening At Martin's Cove. The kids had a blast.

A Day On The Rock (Independence Rock)

It was a beautiful but windy day at Interdependence Rock. Julia was the guide. Her fourth grade class took a field trip and this was the trail they used to climb to the top. The Photo of Tyler and Julia at the top of Independence Rock illustrates some of the many names from the mid-1800's carved by people on their westward journey by wagon. Click on each photo to enhance your view.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Hail Storm of July 4th 2010

The clap of thunder and the sound of hail hitting against the side of the house awoke us around 7:00 am the morning of the fourth. It was amazing and damaging to some of our tomato plants. See the photo of the tomato.

4th Of July Hail Storm 2010

We awoke on the Fourth Of July to a crazy hail, rain and lightning storm that gave us a couple of inches of hail and rain. Two of our six tomato plants were in the wrong place and the wrong time and what you see is the result. It only took a few minutes for this irreversable damage to occurred.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giant Propellers Of Wyoming

What an amazing sight. I shot this picture to give some scale to the size of these individual windmill propellers. Each one was riding on one and a half railroad flatcars. Each one is around one hundred thirty feet in length and each one is transported by special semi trucks one at a time to the required site.

Individual Windmill Props On Rail Cars

This train load of Windmill Propellers was recently parked in downtown Casper at the railroad yard. What a sight to behold. (Click on photo to enlarge).